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The South African Institute of Physics is the professional body of physics in South Africa. Its mission is To be the voice of physics in South Africa. The SAIP is dedicated to increasing the understanding and applications of physics in South Africa.

One of the main objectives is to respond timeously to challenges facing the physics community in South Africa. One such challenge, not only in physics but in other science and technology disciplines also, is the drastic shortage of skills that are needed to service the South African research, teaching and economic sectors.

There is a critical skills shortage in physics. However, there is no single body of information tracking the statistics on the extent of the skills shortage in physics. These statistics are required by SAIP in order to effectively:

  1. Liaise with government and to make an input to relevant legislation and decision-making affecting physics.
  2. Advise the NRF and other funding agents on matters related to physics funding required for training more physicists.

It is anticipated that this database system will give critical information and statistics to enable South Africa to effectively plan for its physics needs, e.g. funding for research, bursaries for postgraduate training, increasing the number of physicists needed to staff large-scale physics initiatives such as SALT, HESS, KAT, PISA , PBMR and so on. This effort will help underpin the important role of physics in economic development, technological advancement and improving the quality of life.


Information on the database will be treated confidentially at all times and will be made available only to selected people. For example, you may choose whether you want your details available for further post graduate study, consultancy and employment opportunities.

Benefits of registering and updating your details:

  1. Further Post Graduate Study - The DST and NRF have a vision of a five-fold increase in the number of graduating PhDs. Once you are on the database and you answer YES for further study, your contact details will be passed to universities and funding agents looking for post graduate students. There is a huge shortage of students to train for post graduate studies, and we definitely do not want to loose you!
  2. Consultancy Opportunities - If you answer YES to consultancy, your information will be made available to organizations and people requiring your services. Hence free advertising of your services!
  3. Employment Opportunities - Many companies approach SAIP looking for physicists to employ. Once you register and indicate that you are available for employment, the SAIP will refer you to these employers.

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